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Titan Racing have electrified their mountain bike range with the launch of the all new Nitric. Over the past few years, the South African brand has been knocking out success after success and we predict the Nitric will follow suite. Employing their mantra of being the SMART Choice, you can expect the Nitric to be just that; a blend of quality components mated to a nifty and stylish frame, all backed by their solid 5 Year Multi-User Warranty. The Nitric is designed around a mid-mount motor with an internal battery mount. Powered by the proven Shimano E-7000 Mid Motor, the ride-experience is smooth and natural. With 250W of power and a maximum of 60Nm of torque, the motor is built for solid power transfer, offers a low noise level, all weather durability, and delivers power inconspicuously. Weighing in at 2.8kg, the motor is light weight, and the 177nm narrow Q-Factor drive unit provides a natural pedalling feeling. The design of Shimano E-7000 in combination with the design of the Nitric allows for a low mounting point whilst still maintaining ample ground clearance. The 504WH internal lithium-ion Darfon battery provides an estimated range of 70km’s per charge with 4 power levels; Boost, Trail, Eco and Walk, and a top speed limited to 25km/h, the Nitric is more than capable of hitting any singe track or challenging climb. The lightweight hydroformed hardtail, is biased more towards a light trail bike with a slackened head angle of 67 degrees and a longer reach measuring 450mm on a large. This allows Titan Racing to spec all sizes with a relatively short stem of 60mm and wide trail bars measuring 780mm. As with all ebikes, the tubes have been beefed up to handle the extra weight and power. However, the head tube and top tube bear the unmistakable similarities with the rest of the Titan Racing Bikes range, and it is clear the same respect, thought and attention-to-detail has been applied to every aspect of the Nitric. The internal battery mounted in the downtube keeps the unit neatly tucked away from the elements, and the tube blends proportionately with the rest of the frame. Final touches in the design include Boost spacing, smooth welds and internal cable routing. Tell-tale signs of the trail character of this bike include the spec’ing of a plush 120mm fork and a 125mm dropper post. Compensating for the lack of suspension on the rear, the Nitric runs wide 2.6” tubeless tyres laced to 30mm internal width rims, a winning combination that will definitely have riders soaking up the bumps on the single track and keeping contact with the ground to use all 250W of the Shimano motor. We know that hardtails can definitely be great all-rounders, and when it comes to the cost of ebikes, shedding some rear suspension for better spec components and a lower price tag is welcomed. The Nitric strikes a balance with its’ trail friendly geometry and long-distance capability. While the Nitric is no race weapon, it was never intended to be. What it is, is a banging hardtail that will deliver plenty smiles on the descents and your mates wishing they had an ebike on the hills. A decent all-rounder from a reputable brand that is guaranteed to deliver.