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Road Cycling

road cycling

Whether you’re heading out on the road for a training ride or a race you need to be prepared. After acquiring your new road bike you may think the shoppings over but there’s a few bits and bobs that you’ll need to fully and safely enjoy your new hobbie. Luckily Titan Racing has an extensive list of apparel and accessories to sort out all your cycling needs and we are continuously adding new products to our line up to cater for our consumers. 

Here’s a few essentials you should not leave home without.


Titan Racing Cycling top
Titan Racing bib
titan racing socks
short finger gloves

These few items are guaranteed to make your time in the saddle more comfortable, even after hours on the bike. A section of padding, called a chamois, is sewn into the seat of the Club bib shorts to help prevent chafing. Our Club jerseys are made of lightweight fast-drying materials that stay cool and the shirt includes back pockets to hold snacks, keys, and other essentials. Breathable Stealth socks keep your feet cool and Twitch gloves have special padding that prevent blisters and pressure pain from the handlebar and protect your hands in case of a fall.


Titan Racing Helmet
cycling sunglasses

That’s your only brain up there and a helmet will help protect it. Strap the Stealth helmet on to help keep it safe. Our Vision sunglasses help for bugs, dust, debris and sun. A little eye protection goes a long way.


Titan Racing Solar Beam
Titan Racing Solar Flare

Roads are busy and it’s your job to be as visible as possible so you make it home safe everytime. Be seen with the flashing lights of the Solar Beam and Solar Flare day and night.


water bottle
water bottle cage
water bottle

Staying hydrated is important and helps your reach your fitness goals. Get the Flow 600 and Flow 800 big valve water bottles and the Slick bottle cage to take care of all your hydration needs.


bicycle multitool
multi-tool with chain breaker
multi-tool with co2 inflator adaptor

The right tool for the job. The Tinker 8, 16 and Air all have different uses but all of them will get you out of a jam.


cycling pump
bike pump

Before your ride you should always check your tire pressures. The Air Blast floor pump and Air Raze hand pump will keep your tires in check.


co2 inflator
16g co2 catridge
25g co2 cartridge
Titan Racing Tube

The last thing you want is a flat, but if disaster strikes you’ll want to be prepared. The micro inflator and 16g and 25g co2 bombs will get you back on the road in no time. Make sure you know how to use them.


Titan Racing Computer
Titan Racing Computer

If you become ambitious and decide to take part in say, a 100km ride. The T6 Wired and T10 Wireless computer monitor will help track your progress as you build fitness for the event.


saddle bag
saddle bag

A small saddle bag helps hold your essential items such as a spare tube, tire levers, multitool, CO2 canisters and inflator, cash and a cell phone. This leaves your pockets empty for snacks to keep you going. Get the Stealthport or Clubport saddle bag.


bar tape
bar tape

To have a good grip on the road, you need a good grip on the bar. Our PU/EVA bar tape and Silicone bar tape will do just the trick.


saddle cover

If you’re not used to spending a few hours in the saddle just yet our gel saddle cover provides extra cushioning where it’s needed most. Just slip it over your saddle.


If you’re gonna transport your bike then this ones for you! the Bikeport bike bag. Safely transport your prized possession with peace of mind. Designed for travel by car, train and plane.


valerian pro
valerian elite

If you’re really getting into racing give yourself the competitive edge with our full carbon Valerian road bikes. Available in 2 models; the Pro and the Elite.

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