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cycling sunglasses
cycling sunglasses


Available in Black and Red.

cycling sunglasses
cycling sunglasses


The Vision cycling sunglasses are full wrap around sunglasses designed to protect your eyes from the harsh elements of cycling. Whether it’s speeding down a dusty road or cruising along the asphalt, your eyes need protection.

The Vision cycling sunglasses are made of a lightweight durable compound. The ear and nose piece have rubber cushioning to provide a comfortable contact point. The glasses frame features 100% U.V. shatterproof interchangeable lenses; grey, yellow and clear. This offers a variety of choices for different riding situations.

The Vision cycling sunglasses come as a complete kit. Included is a soft touch bag which can be used for polishing your lenses and a hard case to protect your sunglasses and extra lenses. Available in 2 colour options.


  • Full coverage wrap around cycling sunglasses
  • Soft rubber padding on nose piece and ear pice
  • Hard plastic shatterproof lenses
  • 3 Lense options; grey, yellow, clear
  • Soft touch bag / polishing cloth
  • Hard case
  • 100% U.V.
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